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2017 Crochet Goals


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Welcome to 2017! May this be your best year yet!   I am so excited about this new year with new crochet goals! Today I am sharing my list of 10 crochet goals that I have for the new year. This coming year, 2017, I am looking at my crochet with a bigger lens. I am looking at it with the perspective of advancing, improving, getting better, GROWING my skill.  

Recently I have been working on writing down my skills, talents, and also my passions. Crochet is at the top of my list because it is an enjoyable way to pass time at the end of the day that helps me wind down after all the daily-adventures in our home. I want to invest in crochet with quality time with specific goals that will help me GROW...

The following is the list of ways that I am looking forward to using to GROWING in my crochet. Let me know in the comments how you plan on growing in your crochet this next year. Or really, just what your goals are! 

Crochet Goals 2017: 

1. Strengthen your skills - This is at the top of the list. I am looking at growing and sometimes that growth means receiving education in an area that needs growth. A few years ago I took a Craftsy class, Beyond the Rectangle, and I honestly learned so much from it. I was able to watch it at my own pace! I have been able to apply what I learned through several of my projects not just by crocheting a sweater.  This coming year I want to take: Professional Finishing for Perfect Crochet and Crochet Cables. There are so many classes to choose from!!! I am looking at ones that will help me design, use more techniques that will eventually take my crochet to the next level! 

2. Build a Crochet library - There are several crochet books I have really, really enjoyed. Some have patterns that I would love to try. There are a lot of European crochet books that are just jaw-dropping inspiring. Here's a post with books on my wish list. Take a look. 

3.. Crochet a blanket for that special person - I have made baby blankets for my babies while I was pregnant with them. They have outgrown them now, yet they still hold a special place in their baby box. These serve me as beautiful priceless keepsakes! Now that they are getting bigger, they need a new blanket to grow with them. This year would be the perfect time to crochet each of them a blanket that they can grow into. 

4. Treat yourself to new yarn - never tried before: These are some of the yarns I have seen being used by other bloggers all over the world! They look amazing in all kinds of projects. 

  •  Stylecraft Special DK, looks sooooo beautiful, soft, and comes in a variety of colors!!!! I am a big fan of The Patchwork Heart, Heather there uses this yarn which is how I came to know it. I would like to make a rainbow granny square blanket with this yarn that way I could really take advantage of all the colors available. 
  • Cashmere: Ah Cashmere, where do I start? Hmm. Probably the most important fact: SOFT, very, very soft. Ideal for shawls, scarfs, socks, sweaters. I would really, really love to get my hands into this! 
  • Alpaca: Alpaca yarn are soft, can be found in fingering weight which make them ideal for crocheting socks, baby animals like amigurumis or baby sweaters. 
  • To find new places to purchase yarn, check this post

5. It's a new year, go ahead and pick 3 of your WIP and finish them! You will be so glad you did! I have a couple of granny squares I made about 3 years ago with the intention of putting a baby blanket together. Well, when I was expecting during that time, I decided to make him a brand new blanket. So those squares are still in the drawer. I think it's time to put them to use and practice joining squares with different methods. 

6. Teach someone to crochet: I have been teaching my daughter and it has been so much fun! She really likes to make a long chain and comes up with several uses for them. Maybe there is someone in your family, at work, or at your church who would like to learn a new craft this year. Maybe they know something you would like to learn. How about you connect and learn something new together? This book has some really good pointers and pictures that could help you along the way as you teach a friend to crochet. 

7. Start a crochet-tea time club with your friends, at church, or family. Start a mom's or women's group in your local area and plan a time to get together with some appetizers and crochet time or knitting! It can be very easy to sit at home by yourself to crochet, but honestly, this is your time!!! GATHER, reach out, hang out and enjoy your craft together. 

8. Seasonal decor: This is something I actually started for Christmas 2016 that I plan on continuing in 2017. Recently, I made a pillow cover in Christmas colors to go along with our decorations. It is a quick project in which the cover can be easily switched out to reuse the cushion.  What I like about it is that it speaks home, warmth, love, and dedication. Only you know the amount of time and thought that goes into each crochet project, but getting to share it with our loved ones in our own home is an amazing feeling.

9. Invest in quality hooks: Your hands will thank you! Depending on the length of my project, I like to use Boye aluminum hooks carried at pretty much every craft store and grocery store. For amigurumi or any project where I need to use a G hook or smaller size, I prefer to use Clover Armour hooks since it has cushiony handle. That's my favorite for crocheting multiple rows of single crochet. For more information check my post on crochet essentials.

10.  Document your projects and progress: Really, take pictures of your projects as you go along and make up some collages with your pictures. It is so fun to see the progress made in your projects! Plan before and after photos. Take a picture of where you were crocheting, who you were crocheting with, take pictures of your crocheting group! Start an Instagram account or share in your favorite Facebook group. 

Have fun crocheting! Whichever goals you pick will be the ones that you will remember for years to come! 

Make 2017 a year of growth, development, of progress. Take your crochet to a new level this new year! 

What kind of crochet goals have you set for 2017? Let me know in the comments! 

Happy crocheting!


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