Friday, August 27, 2010

Going Fabric shopping tonight!

 I remember when I was a little girl and my Grandmother and I often stopped by the fabric store right downtown Santiago. It was so boring to me at the time :( Just to look at those piles of fabric and not understanding anything. My Grandmother sure loved it though.  She liked to see the different patterns, textures, and colors. How I wish she could join me today. Maybe the Lord will let her see from Heaven ?

Now that I'm older (yeah, i get called Ma'am ALL the time now!) I enjoy taking a trip to Jo Ann's to look at their fabrics. Tonight I'll be looking for flannel with boy colors. I have to remind myself that I am looking for boy stuff, jeje. I still find girl patterns much nicer than boys, but I'm sure i'll find something. 

Projects to accomplish: 
  1. Burp Cloths
  2. Receiving Blankets 

The hubby will be off from work this weekend, so I really hope to accomplish at least one of the projects this weekend! 

Now onto practicing some stitches! 

Have a nice Friday and a restful weekend! 

~Blooming Crafter 
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