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Free Crochet V-Stitch Dishcloth Pattern - ZigZag

How to Crochet a Dishcloth using the V-Stitch

Summer in Florida is really hot. Like steamy hot. I think it’s great, especially when we have a pool nearby and palm trees all around. Oh, how I love summer! This week, for the first time in several weeks, I felt a breeze while walking home, which made our time outside so much more enjoyable.  Thinking of summer and this breeze, which was a total gift from God, I designed the “Summer Breeze Crochet Dishcloth” – a free, easy, and quick pattern that I am sharing here with you all available in English and Spanish.

When you make it, please post a picture in the comments or post it to Instagram with the hashtag #CrochetwithFabi or #CrochetconFabi so that I can see all your lovely creations.

Crochet Hook – Size G (4mm) my preferred hook
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends 

Chain 37 – Cadeneta de 37

In order to crochet the V-Stitch you have chain a multiple of 3 plus 7.
Para tejer este punto V, tienes que tejer una cadena que sea multiplo de 3 mas 7.

See post : What is a Crochet Multiple?

Row 1: DC in 4th chain from hook (the first three skipped chain will make your first dc).  Ch 1, skip the next chain. Then do the V-stitch in the chain right after the one you skipped (dc, ch1, dc), then skip 2 chains --- Repeat section in green until you have 3 stitches left. The first two stitches you will skip and then you will dc in each of the final two stitches.  Chain 3 and turn.

Fila 1: Vareta o Punto Alto en 4ta cadeneta desde el palillo. Los primeros tres puntos saltados, contaran como tu primera doble vareta. Hace una cadeneta, salta el siguiente punto, y despues hace el punto V, que consiste de Vareta, 1 cadeneta, vareta, salta dos cadenetas.  ---- Repite la seccion en verde hasta que te queden solo 3 puntos. El primer punto lo saltas y despues haras una vareta en cada uno de los ultimos dos puntos.  Hace una cadeneta de 3 y gira tu trabajo.

Row 2: Skip the first dc, dc in 2nd dc, ch1, skip 1 ch, work V stitch all across. When you have only 3 stitches left,  ch1, skip next dc, dc in each of last 2 stitches.  Chain 3 and turn.  (basically, do a V-Stitch in the middle of each v-stitch from the previous row)

Ronda 2: Salta el primer punto, haz una vareta o punto alto en el Segundo punto, haz 1 cadena, salta 1 punto, y continua con el punto V hasta el final.  Cuando te queden solamente 3 puntos, hace 1 cadena, salta la siguiente vareta o punto alto, y termina con un punto alto en cada uno de los ultimos dos puntos.  Haz una cadena de 3 y gira tu trabajo.  (en otras palabras, haz un punto v en el centro de cada punto v de la fila anterior)

Row 3 and on: Repeat row 2.

Fila 3 y mas: Repite la segunda fila.

Hope you enjoy this breezy pattern! You can make a set in all kinds of colors in little time. I made mine in yellow and turquoise, two of my favorite colors. I totally love them and I’m pretty sure I will be making more items for my household using this stitch.

Do know that this stitch can used for blankets, pillow covers,  carseat covers, and so much more! Just follow the basic rule: multiple of 3 + 7 and you’ll be all set.  What is a crochet multiple? See this article. 

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Happy Crocheting!

~ Fabi

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