Friday, October 12, 2012

Crochet Towel Holder Ring Tutorial

Crochet is so fun and relaxing. Crocheting is even more fun when we get to use our skill and make crochet gifts for everyone we know. Or perhaps when we can even use our crochet as a business and sell our handmade items at craft shows.

The ultimate goal of crochet is to SHARE what we are able to make with our hands. 

This crochet towel holder takes about 20 minutes or less to make depending on your speed. 

What I love about this crochet pattern is that it creates a very useful item using cotton yarn. We use these holder in our kitchen and reminds everyone where to keep the kitchen towel so it doesn't get lost.

Hope you crochet a towel holder, too! 

Why you should crochet a towel holder?

The ring for the towel is really stretchy and it just looks so nice hanging on the oven handle or on the fridge handle. Either way, I know everyone will enjoy getting their hands washed without running away with the towel, ha!

Materials to Crochet a Towel Holder:

Use cotton yarn to make towel holders for your kitchen. Cotton is easy to crochet and very durable.

crochet towel holderCotton Yarn is ideal for making household items and lightweight items for the spring and summer. Get more cotton yarn like Sugar 'n Cream on Amazon.

Crochet Hooks to make a Towel Holder:

Clover crochet hooks make crocheting with cotton a real breeze. Easy to handle and turn with every stitch. I strongly recommend this brand of hook.

How to Crochet a Towel Holder Tutorial

Crochet Tutorial:

Steps to Make a Crochet Ring:

  1. Ch. 20
  2. Join with sl st to form a ring
  3. 45 dc inside the ring

Steps to work the top part that will fold over:

  1. ch 2
  2. 9 dc across
  3. ch 2, turn
  4. crossed hdc all across
  5. (1 hdc in last stitch)
  6. ch 2, turn, repeat for 9 rows

For the coordinating color,

Join new color at a corner or at any dc in the ring.
sc in each stitch, 2 in each corner
join with sl st at the first sc

  • Weave in all the ends.
  • Sew a button on the flap.


If you make a towel holder using this tutorial, please post your picture to Facebook

Have a great day,

~ Fabi

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