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Friday, October 12, 2012

Crochet Towel Holder Ring Tutorial

I started making these towel holders as Christmas presents for family and friends. This is a super easy project, very cute and very practical.

I have these available at my Etsy shop also.  I just love the different color combinations and the buttons. Each one is made from cotton yarn (Sugar n Cream), size I hook, and a button. 

The ring for the towel is really stretchy and it just looks so nice hanging on the oven handle or on the fridge handle. Either way, I know everyone will enjoy getting their hands washed without running away with the towel, ha!

crochet towel holder


Ch. 20
Join with sl st to form a ring
45 dc inside the ring

ch 2
9 dc across
ch 2, turn
crossed hdc all across
(1 hdc in last stitch)
ch 2, turn, repeat for 9 rows

For the coordinating color,

Join new color at a corner or at any dc in the ring.
sc in each stitch, 2 in each corner
join with sl st at the first sc

Weave in all the ends

Sew a button on the flap.


If you make a towel holder using this tutorial, please post your picture to Flickr or link back so I can see it.

Have a great day,

~ Fabi

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