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Best places where to buy yarn online

Shopping for yarn is an important decision and a necessary one. After all, the quality of the yarn is what makes the project achieve the desired look. 

Although you can shop for yarn at local stores, there are websites ONLINE to shop for yarn.

There are hidden gems online that I am going to  share with you. 

Check this post to find out what supplies I keep in my crochet bag.

(This post contains affiliate links.)

My Favorite TWO places where I go to shop online for yarn is Craftsy and Amazon because of their: 

Great Variety of Yarns,

Great Prices,
FREE Shipping  

Where to Shop Online for Yarn?

      1.  Craftsy

          They have everything from yarn to classes all available with a click!  I've used their site several times and it's fantastic. They constantly have sales going and classes. They are currently having a Flash Sale on yarn. 

2. Amazon yarn shop: You can use your Amazon Prime to have most yarns delivered straight to your door with free shipping in two days. This sounds delightful to me. 

   3.  MyCraftLife:  

         Anita Gibney located in the UK has been selling her yummy colors from the UK through Instagram. She is so sweet, so willing to show all the varieties of yarn she has available. She will work with you to help you find exactly what you are looking for.   Her reviews on Instagram are outstanding as she ships all over the world, especially the US. 

        She has acrylic and cotton available. 
        She offers the best colors!!
        Talk about eye-candy.

        I. want. to. order. EVERYTHING.

        ***Find her through Instagram MyCraftLife or her new Facebook page:  MyCraftLife.

       4. Little Woollie Yarn: 

       Online Shop based off Australia. Fantastic colors. You would  recognize her for her Star Tutorial which  has a colorful pattern. 

       Visit her shop here:

    5.   DROPS Design Yarn:

        This is my favorite website to browse through yarn and patterns.  They've got everything. I often see  other fellow bloggers from Europe who use yarn from Drops.  I hear they are excellent quality too.    

        Find their amazing site here.

     6.  Darn Good Yarn: 

         Hand-Spun, child labor free yarn. This store has                yarns, free patterns, notions available. They also have reclaimed silk yarn available. So many options, colors.  When you purchase from Darn Good Yarn,  you are also contributing to helping families in India and Nepal who would, otherwise, receive lower than minimum wages. Darn Good Yarn pays a working salary to their workers to bring high-quality products as well as income for their workers.
  Check their website or email       

    7. Purl Soho

        Have you heard about the Purl Bee's blog? Ya know, where the
 basic granny square pattern or the fun Granny Square Slippers pattern comes from.
        The best part about this site is being able to shop by color. Oh. Yeah. 

       Find their goodies here.

   8.  Lion Brand Online Shop

       Here you can find: Angora Merino, Cashmere, Baby Alpaca, Pure Wool, Silk Mohair, Cotton Bamboo, and Organic Wool.

        Find their website

  9.  Red Heart Online Shop:
        Red Heart with Love has a great variety of colors and feels great on blankets. I have used it for my son's blanket I made him (almost) two years ago.  You can see
 read the whole post about the birth and our trip home at this link

My Sweet Baby Boy at 1 day old with his chevron blanket.

              Find their website here

Trust you find everything you need through these shops! Let me know which is your favorite in the comments and what kind of yarn is your favorite.  If there's another shop you would recommend share it below in the comments. 

***As always, come by and join our yarn, WIP, crochet/knitting life over at my facebook page Fabi Makes.

Let me know if there's any other information you would like me to help you with! 

~ Fabi 

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