Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Burp Cloth

It always feel so good to say "I finished ___________" or "I completed ___________."

I kept busy yesterday working with the Monkey Goal fabric and I made a burp cloth! This has been my very first project with my beloved sewing machine.

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I made a 100% cotton burp cloth so it should absorb very well.  Only three months left and I'll get to use it for my little boy. For now, my daughter used it with her Guagua - Baby.

I need to make a couple more burp cloths :)

On another note, I was thinking I should name my sewing machine.

Ideas thus far:

  1. Babushka  -- meaning Grandma in Russian 
  2. Maddy - Maddly sewing!  
  3. Camille -- it's such a pretty name. 
Any suggestions? 

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