Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pregnancy Cravings: Lemon Curd Cake

This pregnancy has had me craving foods I have absolutely never liked and never even imagined liking. I have never (before) liked lemons nor spicy foods. While pregnant,

  • I have called my Dad to ask him to please bring me a 2liter lemonade because I couldn't drink anything else ---since it didn't taste like lemons!
  • I've asked my Hubby to freeze water with lemons,
  • We've bought more lemons for salads and meals than I could count! 
  • I have ordered buffalo chicken wings several times and not find it very spicy,
  • And I have also used dijon mustard generously in my sandwiches.  
My Hubby is hoping I will, at least, like lemons after Baby # 2 is born. We shall see what happens in a about two months. (Can you guess what we're having because of these cravings!!!???)

SOOO when I found this AMAZING Lemon Cake recipe over at Make-a-Cake Series, I immediately showed it to my Hubby so he could make it for me. Yay, how lucky am I? :-)  

Want to see how he  made it?

1. We got a lemon cake mix at the store and added lemon zest to it.

2. Mix it real well. 
3. Bake the cake according to the directions on the box. 
4. Once it COOLS, add the lemon curd - we used Martha Steward's recipe for it.  
Let me tell you, this was my FAVORITE part of the cake! The curd had such a powerful and strong lemon flavor that really made me wish the cake had more layers of curd. That's how good it was! 

5. Then we put it in the fridge so he could candy the lemons and make some lemon syrup as well.  For this step, you basically slice the lemons, put them in the pot with lots of sugar and water.

6. Set the lemons on parchment paper or plastic wrap until they cool down. 

7. Once everything has cool down, make the frosting for the cake. My hubby used cool whip cream for the frosting.

8. Top it with the lemon candy.

9. Enjoy!

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