Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fabric Coasters from a Fat Quarter - Tutorial

I get all giddy thinking about kitchen linen! I can easily spend a lot of time looking at coasters, placemats, napkins, towels...ahhh! the possibilities in colors and design are endless and can add such a unique tone to your home. I just love it! 

So I have started working on some projects to give my kitchen / dining room a little makeover. It's all spring themed, {which gives me even more reasons to have to make this project again in the future but with different colors for the winter}.

I took several pictures to make a little tutorial for this. It can make such a sweet mother's day gift, teacher gifts (to go along with all those mugs!), or Christmas...


1 Fat Quarter (it will make 8 coasters in total)
Cotton Batting 
Coordinating Threads 


Cut 4 (or 8)  4 1/2 x 10in pieces of fabric.
Cut 4 (or 8) 4 in square of cotton batting. 

 2. PRESS all your fabrics in half. Right sides together.

3. With right sides together, sew all around the edges leaving one side open.  

4. Trim the corners.

5. Tuck in the batting and begin turning them over.
(keep the batting inside the coaster)

6. Start quilting. You can draw lines using chalk or a washable ink to sew on those lines. Begin quilting at about 1/8 in from the edge. 
Repeat all the way around as you form squares. 

Finished coasters


Coaster in ACTION!  I spent a total of 15 minutes of work on each one of them

~ Fabi 

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