Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Road Trip to a Fabric Shop

A few days ago I got in the car with my two children to meet my Husband who was away on a business trip to Monroe, Michigan.  I decided to explore a bit and landed on a new fabric shop, Lake Erie Mercantile. It's a fairly new shop {only six weeks old}, but ohhh so full of yummy fabrics! They have Amy Butler's collection of fabrics right at the entrance of the store. You could just imagine my expression, ha! As soon as I walked in I could recognize her Full Moon collection (dotted fabrics) and her Love Collection.

perfect addition to my collection

How could I say 'no' to the teal? Love it!!

I also bought fabric to make a new dress for my daughter. I chose Henry Glass for that.

Connie, the owner, also has a really good selection of Joel Dewberry, Michael Miller, and Robert Kauffman's fabrics. So pretty! I was so, so happy to be able to see all these fabrics in one store. It made the trip so worth it!

The owner was so thoughtful to even include comfy couches and chairs for the customers! Perfect sitting arrangement when looking through the sewing/quilting books and patterns that she has available at the store. {How about browsing through a book, picking out fabrics, and chatting with other gals about your next sewing project?!}

The little ones are not left behind either, there's also a play area in the store. It's a play house with legos, blocks, alphabet mat, pretend animals, a ball...

 AND thread spools.

We had a great time! Connie was super sweet and even took pictures of us there. Thanks, Connie! :-)

Here I am with my 9 month old son.
Finally, a group picture!

Siblings, always looking at each other. 

I can't wait to go there again! 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. These are my own statements and I was not asked to write a review of the store for this blog. 

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