Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paper Napkin Rings Tutorial

A little while ago in the midst of celebrating Thanksgiving, we celebrated my son's first birthday with a jungle theme.  See this post in case you missed it.  

Paper Napkin Rings make a cute, simple, and detailed addition to any party.  

Here's how I made mine.

napkin rings


2'' scallop circle hole punch
Die Cut letters and numbers
Double sided tape

  1. Cut strips of paper at 1'' by 4''.
  2. Cut as many scallop circles you need per napkin.
  3. I had already cut my die cut shapes at 1 1/2'' each using Doodletype Cricut Cartridge in bold.

    Now it's time to assemble:

  4. Tape your die cut shape onto the scallop circle.
  5. Place tape on the back of your circle
  6. Place the fork over the spoon and roll up your napkin with the utensils in it.
  7. I like to use double sided tape, because it makes my project look clean in the end.
All done!

~ Fabi

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