Thursday, May 31, 2012

B is for Button, B es de Boton

Letter B


*** I like to cut the letters and glue them on cardstock to create a firm base for our activity first.


1. I placed a bunch of buttons in a little plate for her and asked her what these were called. She said 'botones.' That's right, botones or buttons both begin with the same letter, B / b. 

2. I asked 'what is the letter for buttons / botones? She looked and responded [be] when she saw it on the paper. Then she said [bee].

3. [be] in Spanish and [bee] in English both refer to the same letter.

 She told me there was a big [be] and a 'ochito' (chiquitito/small) [be] on the paper.

4. Then she glued buttons on the capital and lowercase b.

We will use this poster as the introduction for our week doing crafts with this letter.


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