Thursday, August 16, 2012

My first Granny Square

For several months now I've been eyeing the beauty of the Granny Square. I. LOVE. THEM. 
Years ago we had a very colorful pillow cover at home. I never knew it was made from a Granny Square pattern.  I had no idea. Sincerely, back in the day, I didn't really pay much attention to that kind of thing. 

I was missing out. Badly. 

I'm on the right track now, right?

I saw a video on YouTube and followed a basic pattern from Purl Bee to complete my first Granny Square.


  • I used Baby Soft Worsted Weight yarn in two colors (blue and white)
  • I hook (5.50 mm)

The pattern basically consists of 4 rounds, using chains (ch) and double crochets (dc). You can choose to alternate the colors, do one color, or different colors. 

I foresee several stacks of squares filling up my crocheting desk here soon. 

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