Sunday, August 4, 2013

Flour Sensory Play

They usually pretend they are cooking fun dishes for guests. Most of the dishes they make are the same ones we eat home, their favorites. Sometimes they come up with such fun combinations and we talk about how it would taste. For example, noodles with chocolate

This week, though, we used flour for sensory play inside our apartment. 

Setting up:

I put flour on two plates (one for each kid) and told them that would be their 'work station.' They enjoyed that name so much! My daughter said "now I'm at work like Papá!" 

We discussed the following questions: 
  • what color is it - qué color es?
  • how the flour feels - cómo se siente la harina?
  • what color is it - qué color es?
  • que te parece la harina? - What do you think about the flour?  {my daughter said it's powdery}
Then they poured water on the dough and began using their hands to mix it all together. 

My two year old liked playing with the flour until he noticed it was sticking to his fingers.  My four year old said she was going to cook something for us.  

Then she began kneading - amasando the dough - la masa and making dough balls for cookies.  

Then she wanted to count how many dough balls had she been able to make. 

So we counted in English and Spanish. 

I showed her how using one finger, the pointer, helps us point to one object at a time and it helps us keep track of what we're counting. 

She chose to do this several times. 

Later we got cookie cutters and a rolling pin.
(excuse the quality of this picture)

Extension Ideas:

arrange dough balls by size

What other ideas do you have?

~ Fabi
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