Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Very Special Granny Square Blanket

My Mom's birthday is a very special date to me, I try to make sure I send her a card and find a special gift. Well, this year, I decided to make her a gift.

It took me a little over 2 months to complete this blanket which measures 54in x 54in. This is a really good size to be able to have a blanket on while watching TV or reading a book on the couch.  {I got to watch Downton Abby a couple of times while working, ha!}


  • Michaels Loops and Threads
  • Vanna's Choice
  • I Love this Yarn 

I love this yellow - mustard tone from Vanna's Choice collection. I thought that would be the perfect color to complete the edging. 
I did a single crochet row in white in every single square and space, then I used mustard to do 3sc and 1 long sc to create longer lines. 

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Blanket ready to go in the box.

Admiring it one last time before sending it in the mail. 

My kids had a blast going to the post office that day while wearing their Doc McStuffin's and Jake of the Neverlands' back packs.  :-)

Two days later, we watched my Mom open her box through Skype. I took some pictures of that too. I couldn't help to cry while watching her open it. She loved it so much! 

Gracias Mami, Te quiero mucho!!!

Happy Crocheting, 

~ Fabi
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