Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Learning the colors and Bead Color Sorting Activity

My two year old son is starting to learn his colors. He went from calling every color yellow and 'azul' (blue) to now starting recognizing colors. 

His favorite colors are orange, red, and blue.  Mostly colors that have to do with Jake and The Neverland Pirates and Mickey Mouse. In fact, he has an orange t-shirt he wants to wear just about every day!

Lately, I've been putting more emphasis on working with him on recognizing colors, sorting by color, and learning the names in English and Spanish. 

  • Ask what colors he / she already knows
  • Repeat the names of the colors together
    • red - rojo
    • yellow - amarillo
    • orange - naranjo
    • green - verde
    • blue - azul 

Further Activities:

  1. count and graph the total number of beads in each bowl.
  2. ask the students to find items of the colors used in the sorting activity around the classroom / living room
  3. talk about the names of the objects in English and Spanish
  4. ask the students to bring an object from home (or their bedroom if homeschooling) in their favorite color

Happy Teaching!

~ Fabi
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