Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Let's go Shopping

One of my daughter's favorite things to do is to go shopping. She enjoys browsing, getting a little something, and paying. 

We give her a dollar or so that she can use and pay the cashier. She also says thank you when she gets the receipt. 

She's been asking what all the different coins and bills are so I made a lesson out of it. 


play money
price tags

paper and pencil

Focus Questions:

  • Cuanto cuesta? 
  • How much is it?


We first talked about the difference between coins - monedas and bills - billetes.  

I told her the value of each bill which she repeated. 

I placed some toys with price tags on the carpet where we could pretend to go shopping. 

We took turns being the cashier and the buyer.

She had to use the question "Cuanto cuesta el / la ____________ ? - "How much is.....? " for each item. 

Then she looked for the correct bill to pay for her item. 
She bought plates and food for her 'kids' (stuffed animals).  Such a good little mommy! 

~Happy Shopping! 
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