Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monogram Wreath with flowers in less than 30 minutes

This was my first try for a Fall (ish) Wreath. I really like it and it was fun to make because I mainly used materials I already had on hand. My daughter picked out the purple flowers {her favorite color}.

My inspiration for this wreath came from my former moms' group in Michigan, where I used to live. They got together to make wreaths and I wanted to 'bond' with them in distance.  I miss them a lot and I am so grateful for each one of them. God Bless Mom2Mom! 

How to Make a Monogram Wreath

  • 10" wood letter
  • twine 
  • 3 flowers 
  • hot glue 
  1.  Wrap the wood letter with twine using hot glue.
  2.  Glue the flowers to the wreath.
  3. Done! 

Happy Crafting!

~ Fabi
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