Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BBQ chicken with bacon pizza

It's no secret that my husband's favorite food is pizza. I've always liked pizza too, but I like it so much more now, especially because he likes to make his own at home. Yum, homemade pizza. We get to choose our sauce and the kind of toppings and combinations we want. Sometimes we try something we've had before at Papa John's or Marco's Pizza, other times we venture out and try new combinations. 

Our latest pizza, barbecue chicken with bacon was a hit! Our kids loved it too.  

My husband made it in the cast iron skillet. It kept the dough nicely shaped and the ingredients contained. 

Add the sauce and the toppings and voilĂ ! 

The kids, my husband, and I loved it so much!  

We've also made Pepperoni Pizza, a real-classic we love. 

We want to try making a gluten free dough next time. We're thinking about using Craftsy's FREE Class on how to prepare gluten free dough.  I've heard it's really good and I can't wait to try it.  Sign up for a FREE Pizza Making Class through the following link: Free Pizza Making Class

Happy Pizza making!

~ Fabi

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