Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{amigurumi} hot cocoa with strawberry and mint flavored marshmallows

Tessa the Tea Cup has been made in baby pink with an aqua stripe near the rim of the cup. She is a delicate and tender tea cup that holds hot cocoa with marshmallow sprinkles in strawberry and mint flavors.

I found the pattern to the tea cup in an amigurumi book that my Mom gifted me for Mother's Day this year (2013). It comes with a kit she found it at Barnes n Noble. I've browsed through it several times and finally took time to read it more carefully yesterday afternoon while I was waiting at the doctor's office. I read the whole tutorial first (since i had time) and as soon as we got our three children to bed last night I began working on it. I finished up Tessa this afternoon during nap time with my baby girl's help. (okay, so not so baby anymore, she is almost 5 but she is my baby still :) ) She enjoyed cutting up some yarn and making suggestions. I wonder if she'll become a designer some day. As she went to bed tonight she said: "I liked the 'taza' (tea cup) we made together."

Tessa has been based off a pattern from the book called, so the book it's called Yummy Crochet - 12 projects too cute to eat! Ahhh! I'll so have to agree with that statement! The book is a collection of amigurumi crochet projects compiled by Kristen Rask. The book comes with a kit; ya know, pink yarn, hook, fiberfill for the stuffing, yarn needle, safety eyes, and thread. Everything one needs to get started on completing two projects from the book.

In addition to the materials above, I used the following:

Aqua yarn from my stash
Clover G Hook
6mm safety eyes
tapestry needle
embroidery thread (aqua and pink to match yarn)

Ready to see some pictures? I am so ready to introduce her to you!

Everyone, meet Tessa.

Have you tried any amigurumi? What has been your experience like? Have you tried any of the patterns from yummy crochet ?

Happy crocheting and sipping on hot cocoa during this time of the year. 

~ Fabi 
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