Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY Valentine's Day Bunting Tutorial - Perfect for Kids

Princess, my now 5 year old daughter, is all about Valentine's Day. I would say it's her second favorite holiday after Christmas.  She has been inspired by Fancy Nancy's Heart to Heart, a super sweet Valentine's Day story in which they explain what happens on that day and the sister receives a card from a secret admirer. She has to solve the mystery. 

Her first craft for Valentine's this year has been a a heart bunting. 



This was Princess' first time using the hot glue gun. Ahhh! So I went over the guidelines on how to use it safely. She has seen me use it before so she was quite familiar with it. I recommend adult supervision at all times while using hot glue. 

Here she is arranging the heart shapes to lay them out in the way she wants, which ended up being glitter red, soft pink, glitter pink, and so on. 

The brown paper is her 'work station' where she put glue on the ribbon. 

Real-quick after putting the glue, use your hands to press the heart shape on the ribbon.  It's really important to do it right away before the glue dries up. 

Final product: 

What kind of crafts are your children making for Valentine's Day? How are you decorating your home?  I'd love to see it! Send me a picture here in the comments or post it to my FB page so we can see it! 

Happy crafting!

~ Fabi

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