Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crazy for Crochet Cupcakes for the Kitchen

Do you love cupcakes? I do! The yummy flavors, textures, and colors available at my local bakery are irresistible.  

Did you know you can use your yarn and hooks and make your own everlasting, calorie free cupcakes? Oh yes. Please. Sign me up! 

Let's get started! 

1. Cupcake Coasters: Crochet your favorite cupcake flavors and decorate your table for a birthday party. Find the pattern at Sweet Simple Stuff.

Picture Source

2. Cupcake Crochet Pot Holder: Paid pattern by Doni Speigle through Ravelry. 

Image Source 

3. Tea Pot Cupcake Cozy: Free Pattern by Crochet Today

4. Hanging Cupcakes Decor:  These originally designed as bibs are eye-catching decor to any kitchen! Find the free pattern here.  

Image Source

5. Crochet Cupcake Garland: Make a garland using your favorite toppings with this tutorial by Twinkie Chan. Find it here.

Image Source

6. Cupcake Mug Cozy: Spicy Tuesday Craft's created a beautiful free pattern available here

Image Source

For more inspiration by Twinkie Chan, check her site at this link

7. Cupcake Candy Holder: Use Nimoe's pattern to make your own just like Dagmar from A Cat in the Kitchen did.  Just skip the stuffing and you're all set! 

image source

8. Cupcake Dish Towel: Twinkie Chan's free pattern for Michael's is available online. 

image source

9.  Cupcake Pot Holder: Free pattern available through Crafters.org.

image source

10. Cupcake Drawstring Bag: Keep a chic cupcake purse in your kitchen to hide all your plastic bags. It'll look cute!!! Dedri shares a free pattern here

image source

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Have a wonderful sweet day! 

~ Fabi 

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