Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Playing and Learning with Shapes

Learning the shapes is fun. In our learning cabinet I keep different baskets containing manipulatives, amongst them there is a bag full of wooden shapes like stars, squares, circles, and triangles.  There are many ways we use them and I try to keep it different for the kids. Often times, they use them during their free-play time at the table and build towers. So fun. I love hearing them giggle as they try to keep the tower from falling. 

This time I got out the shapes, paint, and brushes to make a  Colorful Shapes Collage.


  • wooden shapes
  • washable paint
  • brushes
  • paper
  • painting smocks
  • towels


  1. Set the paint on the table and let the children choose their colors.
  2. Demonstrate (if necessary) how to paint using the brush.
  3. Stamp the paper
  4. Have fun! 

This was a fun, very hands-on, and interactive activity. 

Happy learning!


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