Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Book Review: Ve, Perro, Ve or Go, Dog, Go

We've read the title Ve, Perro, Ve!  (Go, Dog, Go!)  by P.D. Eastman multiple times lately. The kids enjoyed seeing the colorful pictures of the dogs and the different transportation systems the animals used to reach their final destination, a party at the top of a tree. Quite humorous! 

In reading this book, they were able to learn about a variety of transportation systems, the meaning of the traffic lights and its relation to speed. 

When first reading the title, I asked the children what they thought "ve" meant. If it meant to 've' as in ver or to see someone or if it mean ve as in going for which I did a hand motion to indicate 'to go.' I used only Spanish when explaining the difference between the homophones ve and ve

The first time I read the story all the way through, a different time, the children had to use picture contexts to tell the story.  Another time, I read each sentence and the children had to repeat what they heard. They already know the meaning and understand the short story, so this exercise was mostly to practice pronunciation and intonation when reading in Spanish. 

Overall, I'd recommend this book to anyone looking to teach reading in Spanish and for young children who enjoy animals and transportation. 

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