Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Snails, el Caracol

Snails - Caracol

  • What do you know about snails? 
  • Show pictures of snails: google 'snails' or 'caracol.'
  •  Talk about their bodies -  
    • tell them that caracoles or snails don't have feet.  My kids, wondering what that would be like, threw themselves on the floor and pretending to move (arrastrarse) like a snail. Hehehe. I am pretty sure that was their favorite part of the lesson!!! 
    • caracoles have wet bodies - sprinkle water on their arms and legs and have them compare a wet arm with a dry one and which they prefer. Of course they said that having their arm wet made them want to go to the pool! 
  • Craft time
    • Make a snail: use a paper plate, cut up pieces of paper, and antennas. Have the child cut and paste the pieces. 
    • brush on a glue and water mixture (more glue than water) to make it shiny which will make it look like it's wet. 
  • Music: 

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