Thursday, July 10, 2014

5 minute prep file folder game

This morning, while I had 5 minutes free in the kitchen, I grabbed my weekly ad from Publix. I began looking at it and thinking that I needed to make an activity for my 3 year old who has been trying to make sense between fruits and vegetables lately.

Years ago, I had my then 3 year old daughter, cut and paste different fruits and vegetables into the right column.  So I went with that idea and applied it to a file folder game. This way, my son could use it more than one time and it will allow us to continue to add more fruits and vegetables that we will be finding in the ad depending on what’s on sale and in season.

Grocery Store Ad
File Folder
Envelope (to store the cut out pieces)


Cut out all the fruits and vegetables OR have an older child do it. Whichever works best for you. I did it myself since I needed this activity quickly.  Ask “what fruits and vegetables do you like?” 

Also, based on the pictures you have available, discuss how fruits and vegetables are different. Ask the children to point out what they see. You could also do this while at the grocery store so they can touch and smell different fruits and vegetables.

The main difference between a fruit and vegetable is that fruits have a seed or cuesco like avocado or pepas like watermelon. 

Provide paper and markers and tell the children to draw their favorite fruit and vegetable.

Talk about the names of the fruits and vegetables in English and Spanish. 
Phonics: Talk about the initial and ending sounds
Prepare a snack using a fruit and/or vegetable with your children
Do Riddles: 

Happy Teaching!


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