Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dual Language Days of the Week Printable

Hi Fellow Teachers, Homeschoolers, and Language Learners!
Below is a printable you can use for your classrooms, homework folder, or calendar wall at home or school. All you have to do is get the pdf file through my teachers pay teachers store

I made the days of the week earlier this year by hand for my kiddos, but my handwriting is a bit too small for them to see it from the table. So I just knew it was time to make an improved set that would be visible to them at all times. 

How do I use it? 

1. Sing the song 'Days of the Week' to the tune of the Addam's Family theme song in English. Here's a good video through YouTube.  Right after, we sing the song in Spanish

2. This is when I introduce vocabulary such as "today - hoy", "yesterday - ayer" and "tomorrow, mañana". I use hand motions to teach the concepts. For example: 

  • today - point fingers down 
  • yesterday - use thumbs above shoulders which will indicate something's already happened. 
  • tomorrow - turn hand from today to an open palm. 
Please let me know if this makes sense...I could take a picture or do a video if you would like. 

Once we know what day is today, I use colorful ribbon attached to a paper clip and clip it to the day we are currently on.  The kids can do this part. They'll love it! 

3. These are the questions you can ask as a final review for the calendar: 

  • What day is today? Que dia es hoy?
  • What day was yesterday? Que dia fue ayer?
  • What day will be tomorrow? Que dia sera mañana

I love having the days of the week posted on our wall, because it gives a visual count of which day of the week we will be going on a trip, having a visitor, going on a play date, etc.   

When you use it, take a picture and send use the hashtag #TeachingwithFabi on Instagram so that I can see it too!  

Happy Teaching! Hasta pronto!

~ Fabi

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