Monday, August 11, 2014

Crochet for Cats Roundup

The month of August in Chile is all about cats and is referred to as El Mes de los Gatos or The Month of Cats. Today I am sharing with you the best patterns related to crocheting for cats or to make accessories with a kitty theme.  Enjoy! 

Hats and Accessories:

1.    Free Cat Ear Pattern: Step-by-step tutorial by Stitch 11.

2.   Cat Nap Hat: Available in 3 sizes (toddler, child, adult)

3.   Fingerless Kitty Kay Mittens: Toddler size

4.   Kitty Cat Hat – Toddler size

5. Earflap Cat Hat Pattern: Available in 6 sizes from Newborn to Adult.

6. Cat Claw Boots: Make your own claw boots!

7.  Hello Kitty Purse: Paid pattern available.

Cat Toys:

8.   Catnip Pouch Toy: Stuff it with Pollyfill.  Use catnip for the pouch.

9.   Mouse Catnip Toy: Make a cute plushie for your cat and fill it with catnip.

10.      Cat Toy: Made from yarn, toilet paper tube, and small bell.

11.   Cat Wig: Especially made for cats. 

Cat Amigurumi 

12.      Cat Amigurumi for Home Decor: Paid pattern by Celina Lane.

13.      Hello Kitty Amigurumi: Work this pattern to make a     miniature Hello Kitty.

14. Happy from Fairy Tale Amigurumi: Free crochet pattern.

 15. Miniature Posable Kitty Crochet Pattern: This is the perfect pattern from crocheting miniature cats for collectors. Use thread and small hook and you are set to go!

Cat Appliques

   16. Kitty Applique: Free pattern to use for embellishing cases, hats, scarves, blankets, and placemats.

17.  Cat Applique: Another pattern for embellishing projects for the cat lovers in your life. 

 Cat Living Space

18.   Cat Mat Rug: Crochet a special spot for your cat with this pattern. Oh your cat will have a cozy spot just for him!

19.  Cat Bed or Hiding Place:  Scroll down to the bottom for the English pattern.  

What will be the first pattern you will use from this collection to make a cat themed accessory or toy for your kitty?

Additional resources available through Amazons (affiliate links)

Happy crocheting!

~ Fabi 
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