Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Can I have an Elsa braid?

My daughter has become a huge fan of braids ever since watching Frozen. I now find myself braiding her hair several times a week and we both enjoy it! We get to spend some quality girl time together talking and doing her hair.  I have to admit that I have enjoyed learning new braids, some that I had thought would be impossible to do like the fish tail...  Now it's her favorite, because it makes her feel more like Elsa with a side braid. Other times we do two braids, because she says she likes Anna just as much.  Is your daughter the same way?

This YouTube video by Luxy Hair was so clear and had terrific instructions on how to do it. Aha!  Watch it a few times and then practice on your girl. You will both love it!  

Have fun and happy braiding! 

~ Fabi
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