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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Crochet Boot Cuffs - Free Patterns Roundup

It's gotten so cold in Florida over the weekend that I have been wishing for a pair of boot cuffs.  They can be made using worsted, chunky or bulky weight yarn.  I love how adorable, stylish, girly, warm, and cosy they look when worn with jeans and long boots.  

I have searched the web and today I am sharing my favorite FREE 11 crochet boot cuffs pattern so that you too can make a pair or several pairs to wear during this upcoming winter.  

1. Crochet Boot Cuffs by A Town Girl's Life - It uses worsted weight yarn and a size J hook. 

2. Scalloped Boot Cuffs by Autumn Berry Crochet on Ravelry - It uses worsted weight yarn and an I size hook. 

3. Brooklyn Boot Cuffs by Crochet Dreamz - It uses worsted weight yarn and a G size hook. 

4. Bow Boot Cuffs by Loops of Lavender - It uses worsted weight yarn and a size H hook. 

5. Easy Reversible Boot Cuffs by Dabbles and Babbles - It uses soft worsted weight yarn (Caron yarn would work great) and a J size hook. 

6. DIY Boot Cuffs by Vanessa Crafts - It uses worsted weight yarn, H size hook, and two buttons. 

7. Shell Boot Cuffs by Bonbonanza - This pattern is made of shells using worsted weight yarn and a G or I hook. 

8. Friendship Boot Cuff by Fiber Flux blog - It uses wool and easy thick and quick yarn, size N hook, and can be decorated with an optional button. This pattern also includes measurements.  I love the look of these! 

9. Key Tab Boot Cuff by Calleigh's Clips & Crochet - It uses worsted weight yarn and an H size hook. 

10. Belmont Boot Cuffs by Life Adorned - It uses worsted weight yarn and a size H hook. 

11. Ripple Stitch Boot Cuff by ELK Studio - It uses worsted weight yarn and size H hook. 

Hope you enjoy these patterns!!!! Let me know in the comments which one you decided to make! 

Happy Crocheting!


Yarns suggested to make boot cuffs:

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