Friday, November 14, 2014

Reindeer Crochet Ornament - Free Pattern

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is one of my favorite Christmas songs and I am very often found in the kitchen humming this sweet melody. Oh how I love this song, so much that a few days ago I sat down with my yarn, hook, and notebook, and began the process of making my own Rudolph. 

Today, I am sharing my pattern with you and hope you can use it too! I'll be hanging my Rudolph ornament on my Christmas tree this year.   

Let me know in the comments what kind of handmade ornaments you will be hanging on your tree this year. 

Reindeer Ornament – Free Pattern

Reindeer Crochet Ornament

Rounds 1-4 will be worked in the round. Use a stitch marker.
  1. Start with a Magic Ring, 6 sc into the ring.
  2. 2 sc in each st (12 stitches total)
  3. *1 sc, 2 sc* repeat from *to* (18 stitches total)
  4. 1 sc in each back loop (18 stitches total)
Turn your work now, continue with the following instructions:
  1.  8 sc in back loop, ch 1, turn.  (8 stitches total)
  2. repeat row 1.
  3. sc2tog, 4 sc, sc2tog, ch 1, turn. (6 stitches total)
  4. 1 sc in each stitch, ch 1, turn. (6 stitches total)
  5. sc2tog, 2 sc, sc2tog, ch1, turn. (4 stitches total)
  6. 1 sc in each stitch. (4 stitches total)
  7. sl st all around.

Magic Circle: 6 sc
Tighten and fasten off.

  1. Ch. 4,
  2. Skip 1 ch, sc 2, 2 sc at the end.
  3. Ch. 4, skip 1, sc 3
  4. Ch. 4, skip 1, sc 3.
  5. Slip stitch to nearest sc.

Enjoy it!

Happy Crocheting!


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