Monday, December 29, 2014

Easiest and Twirliest Skirt Tutorial

I had picked out this adorable cupcake fabric for Christmas last year at Joann's, but I totally ran out of time to make anything with it. When December came again (2014), I just knew I couldn't have it sit around for another year.  So I quickly got out all my sewing notions (basically, my sewing plastic bin) and got ready to cut the fabric. 

When I first laid it on the table, I was nervous to cut it up. I mean, it had been MONTHS since I had sewn anything besides fixing my Husband's pants!!!   But I took courage, got the scissors, and off I went! 

I had one yard of fabric, so I just cut it in half. I find that using a lot of fabric is the secret to making the twirliest skirt.  You could use less, but I would recommend cutting fabric to adjust the length. Use the entire width of fabric you've got. I tend to buy a yard at a time and it works great!   

Materials and Notions Cost Breakdown:

Fabric ($6.99 regular price with 40% off coupon) = $4.20
Single Bias Tape (+$3 on Amazon. But I got mine at Joann's $1.99 with 40% off coupon) = $1.20
Elastic ($3.49 at Joann's with 40% coupon) = $2.10

Total spent: $7.50 for a brand new skirt. 


Other notions you probably have at home already include: pins, safety pins, scissors, fabric cutter, sewing machine, cutting mat, etc. 


Cut across the fabric and you'll end up with two panels or two rectangles. 

Here is the fun part. I selected my threads and noticed I still had some single bias tape left over from another project and it was RED. Oh yeah! I measured it and it happened to be that I had enough to give the new skirt a border. 

Now began the fun part of sewing the tape. Have you ever tried it? It's really not that hard! You will notice there is a wide and a narrower side to your tape. Place the wider side under your fabric, apply it to the fabric (sew it in place) and then continue sewing while holding your tape to the fabric. Sew as slow as needed to make sure the fabric nor the tape shifts. 

One panel completed. 

Breathe. It will be okay. You've got this!!! 

Repeat for the second panel. 

Take a second to admire your work. Yes, you did it! 

Now you will be joining the squares (that sounded like crochet talk, lol). Okay, how about this way?
Sew the short sides of your rectangles or panels.  

(Sorry, I didn't take a picture of that step).  

You are half way done. 

Now it's time to create the casing for the elastic. Basically, I measured the width of my elastic .75 in woven or you could also use non-roll elastic.  I used what I had on hand. 
I left about a quarter of an inch to sew on the casing. You can adjust according to your elastic width. 

Leave an opening to be able to insert the elastic.  (Point A to Point B)

Cut your elastic length according to your child's waist. I made this skirt to fit my almost 6 years old. I cut the elastic to 21 in. 

Insert the elastic using a safety pin to be able to find it inside.  Once it's all in, use a zig-zag stitch to hold the elastic together. Then sew the opening. Remember to backstich at the beginning and the end. 

Now you are all done! Yes! 

You have a skirt now! 

easy twirly skirt pattern tutorial

easy twirly skirt pattern tutorial

Go, tell your little girl she can twirl now as much as she wants!

~ Fabi

Materials used: (affiliate links to Amazon)

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