Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lately in my kitchen - Blueberry Scones

It all started when I was pregnant the fourth time and all I wanted to eat were scones.

An insatiable desire to eat scones.

I was really overdue, so after my last few appointments, I stopped by the local bakery to pick up a scone to sweeten up my day.

Thought it would end once the baby was born.

Yet, even though I had the baby at 41 weeks and 5 days...

...scones were still at the top of my list.

...And still are!

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One afternoon while the baby was napping, the older kids and I got in the kitchen and decided to try a blueberry scone recipe by Sally's Baking Addiction.

The list of ingredients is fairly simple, you probably have most things: flour,  frozen butter, cream, sugar,  baking powder, cinnamon, salt, vanilla extract, and blueberries (strawberries, raspberries).

Something interesting about the recipe and other ones I have looked at is that scones only use baking powder, no baking soda.  Why?  Scones are meant to be puffy pastries/cakes. We don't want them to spread, just to puff up.

Her recipe is very thorough, great for a newbie like me.  In making scones we learned how to make homemade buttermilk (milk + cream). We also learned to put the butter in the freezer and then grate it right before adding it in.

Once the batter is ready, give them the desired shape. I like the triangles.  You can put the dough in a pie pan and then cut them out OR you can also use a shaped pan which will work great for scones or even cornbread. I'm considering getting one of these scones pan in the future to save me time.

Scones Pan - affiliate link 

All ready to bake!

Bake them at 400 degrees for about 22 minutes. 

The kitchen smells so good when I bake these yummy, super yummy, scones. You will love them too!

Have you made scones before? What kind? 


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