Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chevron Baby Blanket Mustard Yellow and White Stripes

Pattern: Chevron Blanket (27 x 27 approx.)
Yarn: I Love This Yarn (Hobby Lobby)
Colors: Mustard Yellow and White 

This is the second chevron blanket I have made since June (I'm already itching to make another one!). The first one, I made for my son in light blue, orange, and cream.

Now that I am very comfortable with this pattern, I decided I wanted to make it a bit different.

Good chevron MUST have texture. So I crocheted this blanket to have ridges.

I am in love!!

Pause for a minute to admire the hills and valleys that make up a chevron pattern.

I love the vintage feel of this pattern and the colors. 

Here's another picture with better lighting.  

Lots and lots of texture.

This beautiful blanket could be part of your decor in your own living room to use it as a lap blanket or to use it when holding your new baby.  It is available through my Etsy shop

What colors would you want for a chevron blanket? 
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