Friday, September 25, 2015

Currently Crocheting: Shell Stitch Blanket


Life is busy. Busy between cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, nursing, and sleeping. The days seem to get shorter and longer, depending on how you look at it. It the midst of it all, I try - yes, try!!!- to crochet as much as time allows. This week, I've gotten to work on a very special project, my Shell Stitch Blanket. It's really straightforward and as long as I keep track of the number of stitches, I'm good.

Let me tell you, I started this blanket maybe 3 months ago? Oh geez. A few years ago I made a large granny square blanket in  under 3 months.  Back then I only had 3 kids, though. Now with one more, I have been working on the same blanket for 3 months, haha.  I've had to take lots of breaks in between until I ran out of yarn. Silly me, I had only bought ONE skein of that yarn. Can you believe that?! *facepalm

Friends, whenever you start a project, do yourself a favor, get at least two skeins of the same yarn. Why? That way you can change projects, you can also adjust the length of the project, and keep the same color dye throughout the project - in case, you know, you decided to adjust the length after all.

Among all the changes, there could also be the possibility the yarn could become discontinued by the manufacture. Originally, it was called Sincerely yarn by Purl Essence.

Yes, that did happen.

Because of it, my blanket almost turned into a cowl, the kind you can drape and was going to be listed on Etsy. It'd be super warm and soft.

Until I received a message from a fellow crocheter, Kim Guzman, who told me "the yarn has been rebranded as Big Twist Yarns".

Happy Day. 

While out of town, I stopped  by the store and picked up TWO skeins right away. One has to learn from their own mistakes, right ? :-)

And this is the progress I have made so far...

Rows of Shells

It's going to be a long blanket. Each shell is made with lots and lots of care using my favorite J hook and Big Twist Yarns in Plum available at Joann's.

I'll share some more progress photos soon.  

What are you working on these days?  What's the longest it has taken you to make a blanket? 

Happy Crocheting, 


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