Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Daniel Tiger Birthday Ideas

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My bouncy toddler just turned three and celebrated his birthday with a Daniel Tiger themed birthday. For his first birthday, we did an Ocean Themed Birthday and for his second birthday, we did Mickey Mouse. 

My oldest child and I browsed on Pinterest for cake inspiration. We found some cute cakes made in fondant and we even found a video of a cake decorated as a tiger. Super cute, but cake decorating is not really my skill, hopefully some day. For now, I can get by with my buttercream frosting for cupcakes. 

Decoration Ideas:

* red and yellow balloons
* red tablecloth and red plates with yellow napkins 
* cake - a road in red and yellow or a tiger 
* topper - use the trolley if you already have it
Well, in the end, the birthday boy and I went to the grocery store to pick out a cake. Did you know there isn't a themed cake in that large booklet?  I knew I wanted to include the trolley from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and the little figurine of Daniel we had at home so we just needed a somewhat plain cake where we could use what we had as toppers.  Besides, using a real toy for a topper is practical when already owning the toy or when already planning on getting it anyway. 

About the cake: 

Fortunately, the lady at the store was so helpful and kind and willing to work with me, that when we saw the Curious George cake we realized it could work really well for my theme.  I'm trying to keep it simple, here. The Curious George cake comes with trees, the sun, and a railroad track. I needed a track, or more like a road for my trolley.  She said she could make a road instead where we could fit the trolley.  Oooo that was just perfect!!!!

Food Ideas: 
* Striped Candy Pretzel Rods 
* Veggie Trolleys 
* Striped Yogurt Parfaits 

Gift Ideas: 

As far as gifts, we finally got him a Daniel Tiger mini plush he can keep in his room and it's just the perfect size for him, only 7 inches and it washes well. Yep, in less than 7 days of having it, it already made it to the wash. :-) There's also a larger size available here

For the big gift, we got him Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood 3-in-1 Transformation Treehouse . All three kids have enjoyed playing and imagining different stories with it. The best part is that it comes with all the characters (figurine set) from the show and it plays a song from the show. 

He really enjoyed his birthday party and so did I! He enjoyed his cake, gifts, and balloons in red and yellow. He was so content looking around while talking about his special Daniel Tiger cake.  It was so especial to see him play with his trolley while saying he loves Daniel Tiger. 

What theme are you doing or have you done to celebrate a 3rd birthday? Let me know in the comments, I can't wait to read your responses. 

Happy party planning! 

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