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Best places where to buy yarn online

Shopping for yarn is an important decision and a necessary one. After all, the quality of the yarn is what makes the project achieve the desired look. 

Although you can shop for yarn at local stores, there are websites ONLINE to shop for yarn.

There are hidden gems online that I am going to  share with you. 

Check this post to find out what supplies I keep in my crochet bag.

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My Favorite TWO places where I go to shop online for yarn is Craftsy and Amazon because of their:

Variety of Yarns,Great Prices,FREE Shipping  

Where to Shop Online for Yarn?
1.  Craftsy
          They have everything from yarn to classes all available with a click!  I've used their site several times and it's fantastic. They constantly have sales going and classes. They are currently having a Flash Sale on yarn. 

2. Amazon yarn shop: You can use your Amazon Prime to have most yarns delivered straight to your door with free shipping in two days. This sounds delightful to me.…
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Try Craftsy Unlimited to learn a new NEW Craft

I have enjoyed taking Craftsy's classes in the past, especially one crochet class called Beyond the Rectangle. The classes are recorded with very high-quality and you get to access them forever. Once yours, they are yours.

If you are ever curious to try Craftsy's Unlimited, go ahead through the link bellow. There is no code and no expiration date for the FREE Trial.

FREE 7 Day Craftsy Unlimited Trial - Dive into thousands of hours of expert taught videos and bring your best ideas to life. Whether you love stitches, swatches, pasta or paint, you'll never be without a source of inspiration.  

NO CODE NEEDED. Simply follow this link!!! 

5 Ebooks with Beautiful Crochet Flower Patterns

Every morning my children ask me if summer is coming yet. I tell them "soon, but we must have spring first" because, really, how could one skip the best time of the year when all the flowers are blooming??? I just love, love, the different colors, shapes, and types of flowers that exist. God's Creation just blows me away.  Recently, I shared a collection of 10 Spring Wreaths that you can crochet with links to free flower patterns. I realized that maybe you'd like to have even a larger variety of flowers to crochet or perhaps you'd like to use them for a different project. So I decided to dig in a little bit on Amazon and I found the BEST 5-EBooks with patterns to crochet beautiful flowers  Each e-book can be opened in your phone, computer, Kindle, etc. Enjoy them! 

This post contains affiliate links.

To make a beautiful crochet flower from the list below, you will need:

Kindle App (Download FREE) or use a Kindle Tablet to keep all your patterns at your fingertip! …

Crochet Amigurumi Gifts to Make and Give for Christmas

Crocheting gifts for family or friends or even to sell is one of the top things to do for the Holiday Season. Perhaps you are crocheting scarfs, cowls, or maybe you are looking for toys to gift to the younger children. Amigurumi toys are a great option. Below you can find some of the best patterns to follow. The results will be divine. 

What are you going to make & gift this holiday season?

This post contains affiliate links. 

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Make aGingerbread Manusing this pattern from Super Cute Design Shop. I have used her patterns, translated to several languages, easy to follow. And oh-my goodness. Have you seen her super YUMMY Instagram??? Her amigurumi look delicious!!!

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Make a Scottie Dog Cushions or a Kitty-Cat Cushion using Annaboo's House Patterns.  These are some really CUTE looking little animals to adorn a bed or a couch. Great to snuggle!!! These make really wonderful gifts and work up reall…

Crochet Dishcloths - Everything You Wanted to Know

Guide to Crochet Dishcloths - Everything You Wanted to Know

Posts are split into 5 parts: 

POST 1:10 Reasons to Crochet Dishcloths


What type of yarn to use to crochet dishcloths?


35+FREE Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

How to Care for Crochet Dishcloths?


6 Key Points to Sell Handmade Crochet

35+ FREE Crochet Dishcloths Patterns Round Up

This post is part of a series of post related to Crochet Dishcloths - Everything You Wanted to Know

First Post: 10 reasons to crochet dishcloths
Second Post: What type of yarn to use to crochet dishcloths? 
Third Post: FREE Discloth Patterns <--you are here! 
Fourth Post: How to Care for Your Crochet Dishcloths?
Fifth Post:  Guide to Sell Handmade Crochet

FREE Crochet Dishcloths Patterns Round Up
15 FREE Patterns for Crochet Dishcloths/Washcloths - Compiled by The Stitchin Mommy

20 FREE Patterns to Crochet Dishcloths - Compiled by Oombawka Design Crochet

What Type of Yarn to Use to Crochet Dishcloths? Frequently Asked Questions

Crochet Dishcloths are the one project everyone who crochets has made at one point or another. In reality, it is the one project beginners and crochet teachers turn to when teaching (or learning) to crochet. That is because it is a very simple project, like some sort of admission test to the hobby. 

This post is part of a series of post related to Crochet Dishcloths - Everything You Wanted to Know

First Post: 10 reasons to crochet dishcloths
Second Post: What type of yarn to use to crochet dishcloths? <--you are here! 
Third Post: FREE Dishcloth Patterns
Fourth Post: How to Care for Your Crochet Dishcloths?
Fifth Post: Guide to Sell Handmade Crochet

This post contains affiliate links. 

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Can I Use Any Yarn to Make Crochet Dishcloths?

You could use any yarn that you have on hand to make a dishcloth, like a sports yarn or acrylic as long as it is as a try-out. If you are looking to keeping your dishcloth and using it, then I recommend using the ri…

6 Key Points to Sell Handmade Crochet

Crocheting is fun, relaxing, and you get to  make beautiful things with a hook and yarn. You post a picture online showing your friends and family what you just made (or learned to make!). 

Next thing you know, people are sending you messages asking you to sell them your creations. 

Why not? Some extra cash would be nice AND you get to do what you love.  Sounds about right?

Selling Crochet is a fun endeavor. You get to pick the patterns, yarn, price, and how much you want to sell. 

Since there are many people are selling on Etsy and Amazon....
In a highly-competitive environment, 

Let me just tell you a few things:

You are your work are highly valuable
You are meant to stand out for what you do
Don't settle for less

In order to sell your handmade crochet, YOU need to stand out within the crowd. There are THOUSANDS of pages where people just like you are posting their items, hoping to sell them.

Only SOME actually sell. 

The secret? 6 key points to Sell Handmade Crochet

Guide to Sell Handmade C…