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Now on Flickr!

Wow!!! This took me ages to do and to be honest, I just wasn't sure how in the world to use Flickr. Why do I end up figuring out most things during the middle of the night? Probably because that's when everything is so quiet and I can actually focus on ONE thing at a time. Been there too? I thought so!

Well, yes, it's official. I have now created a Flickr account and I am so excited about it! I can't wait to see the things you make with the tutorials and recipes I have posted on the blog thus far. I invite you to upload them to the group called Tales of a Crafty Mommy.

Hope the next two days before the end of the year go wonderfully for you!

2012, here we come!

~ Fabi

Keyka Lou Patterns Retirement Sale until Jan. 1st/2012

Right now there are 16 patterns on sale!!! WOW and for only $3 each. This is a great time to stock on some new patterns for your shop or leisure sewing.  You'll recognize on Etsy and other handmade shops that a lot of people use these patterns. Each pattern contains many, many pictures and guides you step by step in the process. Most of the patterns use less than 1/4 yd of fabric or 1/2 yd. Perfect timing to use up your fabric!

Get started on sewing a new clutch or a passport pouch today with the instant download link available. Click on the left margin of this page and it will take you directly to Keyka Lou Patterns.

Handmade Jungle Themed Party

A few days ago, my baby boy turned ONE.  Happy Birthday, Sweet Guy!
We celebrated his birthday with a Jungle Themed Party. So lots of green, brown, and yellow! We had giraffes, hippos, and elephants.

For this occasion I wanted the birthday table to look like was in the jungle, so I went to JoAnn's (perfect excuse to go!) and found fabrics that would match my theme.  The backdrop, green and white leaves, complimented the banner really well. It looked like the banner was in between all the leaves.

For the table, I used a giraffe print flannel fabric also from the Nursery Prints section at JoAnn's. Then I used some wrinkled paper and put some more hippos around the table.

As far as food, we had Monkey Bread, sugar cookies, chips, hamburgers, and cake. You could also make Jungle Cakes, Muddy Cakes (Brownies),  and have animal crackers.

A special note to my baby:

We have been so blessed to have you and the honor to be your parents. I love all your sweet smiles and giggles when you …