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Learning the colors and Bead Color Sorting Activity

My two year old son is starting to learn his colors. He went from calling every color yellow and 'azul' (blue) to now starting recognizing colors. 

His favorite colors are orange, red, and blue.  Mostly colors that have to do with Jake and The Neverland Pirates and Mickey Mouse. In fact, he has an orange t-shirt he wants to wear just about every day!

Lately, I've been putting more emphasis on working with him on recognizing colors, sorting by color, and learning the names in English and Spanish. 

Ask what colors he / she already knows
Repeat the names of the colors togetherred - rojoyellow - amarilloorange - naranjogreen - verdeblue - azul 

Further Activities:

count and graph the total number of beads in each bowl.ask the students to find items of the colors used in the sorting activity around the classroom / living roomtalk about the names of the objects in English and Spanishask the students to bring an object from home (or their bedroom if homeschooling) in their favorite col…

Monogram Wreath with flowers in less than 30 minutes

This was my first try for a Fall (ish) Wreath. I really like it and it was fun to make because I mainly used materials I already had on hand. My daughter picked out the purple flowers {her favorite color}.

My inspiration for this wreath came from my former moms' group in Michigan, where I used to live. They got together to make wreaths and I wanted to 'bond' with them in distance.  I miss them a lot and I am so grateful for each one of them. God Bless Mom2Mom! 

How to Make a Monogram Wreath

10" wood lettertwine 3 flowers hot glue  Wrap the wood letter with twine using hot glue. Glue the flowers to the wreath.Done! 

Happy Crafting!
~ Fabi

Checklist - Learn to write ABCs

I made this handy checklist / assessment sheet a while ago when I first starting teaching the letters to my daughter. I've made a couple of changes and made a second version to use with my son now. It's color coded in purple and blue so they know who's checklist it is. 
Hope you find it useful as well. 
Purple version
Blue version

~ Happy Teaching! 

Monogrammed Wreath - WIP

I took the plunge and decided to make a wreath for our door. 
Here's a sneak peek:

~ Happy Crafting!

Let's go Shopping

One of my daughter's favorite things to do is to go shopping. She enjoys browsing, getting a little something, and paying. 
We give her a dollar or so that she can use and pay the cashier. She also says thank you when she gets the receipt. 
She's been asking what all the different coins and bills are so I made a lesson out of it. 

play money
price tags
paper and pencil

Focus Questions:

Cuanto cuesta? How much is it?

We first talked about the difference between coins - monedas and bills - billetes.  

I told her the value of each bill which she repeated. 

I placed some toys with price tags on the carpet where we could pretend to go shopping. 

We took turns being the cashier and the buyer.

She had to use the question "Cuanto cuesta el / la ____________ ? - "How much is.....? " for each item. 

Then she looked for the correct bill to pay for her item. 
She bought plates and food for her 'kids' (stuffed animals).  Such a good little mommy! 

~Happy Shopp…

For the love of Owls

My daughter asked for an owl. A special one.

One made just for her.

Of course, I made her one.

I just finished a beautiful, sweet, purple, pink eyed owl
for my daughter.

She took her new owl to bed with her other 'babies.'

It made me smile to see that she liked her new owl so much.

Materials: I Love This Yarn
Embroidery Floss
fabric covered brads (used for the eyes) felt  fabric

I also took this opportunity to practice the Reverse Running Stitch using pink embroidery floss. I enjoyed hand sewing. I want to try it again, hopefully real soon! 
I want to do some more embroidery for my kitchen or dining room area.  I need to draw (did I just say draw???) a few elements related to Chile (South America) that I could use for tea towels and placemats. So many possibilities! 

Do you do hand embroidery? Where do you use it most? Share your projects! I'd love to see them! 

~ Fabi

Granny Square Blanket

Evenings are getting cooler. 
New TV shows are on. 
Or perhaps new season.
Time to sip on Pumpkin Spice Latte
Store bought or Homemade. 
Reach for a lap blanket and enjoy the evening. 
 37 in x 37 in perfect in softness,
yellow and white granny square blanket 
available at my Etsy shop.

Shell Stitch border (3 dc - double crochet in the same previous stitch; skip 1 sc - single crochet; do another shell)

All my items are made in a clean, smoke, and pet free home. 
From me to you. 
~ Fabi