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Daniel Tiger Birthday Ideas

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My bouncy toddler just turned three and celebrated his birthday with a Daniel Tiger themed birthday. For his first birthday, we did an Ocean Themed Birthday and for his second birthday, we did Mickey Mouse. 

My oldest child and I browsed on Pinterest for cake inspiration. We found some cute cakes made in fondant and we even found a video of a cake decorated as a tiger. Super cute, but cake decorating is not really my skill, hopefully some day. For now, I can get by with my buttercream frosting for cupcakes. 

Decoration Ideas:

* red and yellow balloons
* red tablecloth and red plates with yellow napkins
* cake - a road in red and yellow or a tiger 
* topper - use the trolley if you already have it
Well, in the end, the birthday boy and I went to the grocery store to pick out a cake. Did you know there isn't a themed cake in that large booklet?  I knew I wanted to include the trolley from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and the little figurine of Daniel we had at…

February Goals - February Reading

My goal for February is to read 3 books. Here's the first one I read. Now to get busy to read a few more! 

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The Chance: A Novel - Best friends Nolan Cook and Ellie Tucker were separated when they were only 15 years old across the country. They didn't know anything about the other and the only thing that kept them going was a promise they made while teenagers.  They keep wondering if the other one remembers the promise. Meanwhile, so much other stuff goes on and different family matters keep them apart.  Seriously, if you want a story on forgiveness and how God can heal broken up families, this is it.

As for me, I would really like a second book to continue this story. 

Have you read this one? What other Karen Kingsbury books have you read? 

Happy Reading! 

~ Fabi 

Give the Gift of Learning

Little Passports is a monthly subscription for children ages 3 - 12, where they send a box with items for children to explore. They can learn about the US or the World, hands-on.  If you are planning on traveling this summer, Little Passports would be a fun way to get started with the trip. 

Scroll down for coupon code. 

This suitcase comes packed with everything needed to learn about a destination for a month. They also offer kits for science or coral reef kit. Both of them have really good reviews and look lots of fun. You could also learn everything there is to learn about coins from around the world. 

There's a coupon available for a 12-month subscription. The coupon code is WINTER15. 

Have fun!


Valentine's Day Picks - Viva el Amor

Valentine's Day is almost here!!!

Bring on the red and pink and hearts, lots and lots of love!

Craft Idea:

As part of a school activity, make a hearts banner and here's a list of other 10 things you can do for Valentine's Day

My favorite dress for this season is from Gymboree's Red Heart Print Dress.

Pair with a cute red sweater and Heart Sunglasses also from Gymboree.  
I also fell in love with this chevron outfit, a 3 piece outfit that includes the shirt with chevron print, the RUFFLE pants, and a little headband.  There are more  Valentine's Day Outfits available there.  ***Free Shipping, 2-Day Delivery*** oh yeah, oh yeah. 

For the boys, I like this classic plaid shirt. 

Another cute t-shirt for boys has this tie with a heart. I love it! It's available in several colors, for some reason it only wants to show the grey one here. Go ahead and see the other colors. Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments. 

Viva el Amor! 

~ Fabi
This post contains affiliate li…