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Butter Toast Bread Crochet Amigurumi Play Food

Like I was mentioning the other day, when I posted the Empanada Amigurumi Free Pattern, my kids love to pretend to play restaurant. They even have a name for their workplace, Princess Restaurant.I’m working at adding more play food items that we can add to their kitchen. They enjoy their handmade food and they can have it overnight. Sometimes even with their color preferences.

Today, I bring to you, the buttery toast amigurumi free crochet pattern. (Or you can purchase a copy of this free pattern on Ravelry, to print at home or store in your stash). Make it in several different flavors and you’ll have a whole collection. I’ll be showing you what toast I’m going to make next in just a few days.
By the way, do you like toast? How do you eat it? We have to have it everyday at home or one of my kids thinks something is wrong. Lol

Tutorial: Buttery Toast Amigurumi – Free Pattern

Materials: Hook: H or 5.0 mm Yarn: Vanna’s Choice (Honey color) and Color ‘n Cream (yellow) Red yarn or red embroider…

How to Crochet an Empanada

Empanadas are a staple of Chilean food served either fried or baked. Fried are my favorite, especially when made of Pino (meat) or cheese. There are other kinds such as Napolitan (tomato and cheese) and Shrimp and Cheese. Hmm, just thinking about them made me hungry already!

Recently we celebrated “El 18,” which is the equivalent to the Fourth of July here in the States. We enjoyed Empanadas several times throughout the month, thanks to my Mom who made them for us. The kids talk about Empanadas on a regular basis and if it was up to them, they would want to eat one every day! Therefore, I decided to surprise them with some play Empanadas that they can keep in their basket of play foods.
These Empanadas are made using the Amigurumi technique.  The final piece will measure 5 inches approximately. 

To be able to print How to Crochet an Empanada, download the FREE PDF here.  

Materials:   (Products contain affiliate links to Amazon.) Hook: G or 4.0 mm Yarn: Vanna’s Choice Stitch Marke…

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