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B is for Button, B es de Boton

Letter B


Print capital and lower case 'B' - I used the ones found at this coloring page site. ButtonsGlue 
*** I like to cut the letters and glue them on cardstock to create a firm base for our activity first.


1. I placed a bunch of buttons in a little plate for her and asked her what these were called. She said 'botones.' That's right, botones or buttons both begin with the same letter, B / b. 

2. I asked 'what is the letter for buttons / botones? She looked and responded [be] when she saw it on the paper. Then she said [bee].

3. [be] in Spanish and [bee] in English both refer to the same letter.

 She told me there was a big [be] and a 'ochito' (chiquitito/small) [be] on the paper.

4. Then she glued buttons on the capital and lowercase b.

We will use this poster as the introduction for our week doing crafts with this letter.


Crocheting nonstop

I've been quiet here on bloggin' land the past...hmm, I don't remember how long, BUT I have been keeping busy with my facebook page and on pinterest, of course.

Crocheting is my new -almost- daily activity after a long and busy day at home with the children.

There are so many different types of yarn available. --- Have you ever looked through all them? different weights, textures, colors, shimmer or plain, baby soft or not, etc. So so many possibilities. 

There are so many types of projects to do with yarn! Anywhere from crocheting hats, blankets, home decor, to craft projects with children (more on that last topic coming soon), flowers (check my daisy pattern here)  

The ability to sit down in one spot and complete a project in ONE hour! Yes!!!! That's what I've needed. As much as I love to sew, make ruffled pants and skirts for my daughter, I enjoy being able to complete matching hats for both my children in a matter of hours.  I love it.  

Okay, enough rambling abo…