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DIY Valentine's Day Bunting Tutorial - Perfect for Kids

Princess, my now 5 year old daughter, is all about Valentine's Day. I would say it's her second favorite holiday after Christmas.  She has been inspired by Fancy Nancy'sHeart to Heart, a super sweet Valentine's Day story in which they explain what happens on that day and the sister receives a card from a secret admirer. She has to solve the mystery. 
Her first craft for Valentine's this year has been a a heart bunting. 
heart foam shapes3/4in glitter ribbonlow-temperature hot glue  (crafting glue should work too)glue gunProcedure:
This was Princess' first time using the hot glue gun. Ahhh! So I went over the guidelines on how to use it safely. She has seen me use it before so she was quite familiar with it. I recommend adult supervision at all times while using hot glue. 

Here she is arranging the heart shapes to lay them out in the way she wants, which ended up being glitter red, soft pink, glitter pink, and so on. 

Best places where to buy yarn online

Shopping for yarn is an important decision and a necessary one. After all, the quality of the yarn is what makes the project achieve the desired look. 

Although you can shop for yarn at local stores, there are websites ONLINE to shop for yarn.

There are hidden gems online that I am going to  share with you. 

Check this post to find out what supplies I keep in my crochet bag.

(This post contains affiliate links.)

My Favorite TWO places where I go to shop online for yarn is Craftsy and Amazon because of their:

Variety of Yarns,Great Prices,FREE Shipping  

Where to Shop Online for Yarn?
1.  Craftsy
          They have everything from yarn to classes all available with a click!  I've used their site several times and it's fantastic. They constantly have sales going and classes. They are currently having a Flash Sale on yarn. 

2. Amazon yarn shop: You can use your Amazon Prime to have most yarns delivered straight to your door with free shipping in two days. This sounds delightful to me.…

Top 7 Free Granny Squares Pattern

HappyNewYear !
2014 has already started and has come in full force in thanks to @mummy_stacey on Instagram (IG). She had the fantastic idea of starting a crochet mood blanket made up of 52 squares (1 per week) or 365 squares (1 per day).  Each person can choose their own colors and their own style of square.

Stacey's idea has been very well received at IG that has gone viral.

Follow along in any of the following ways:

Facebook Group: Crochet Mood Blanket 2014

Instagram (IG): #crochetmoodblanket2014
                                                              follow my blanket @fabicreates 

Below I am sharing with you ideas you can use to make your squares for your very own blanket that will represent what 2014 will have meant to you by the end of the year.

I am personally super excited about this project. I need to get my supplies ready and join the group!

Let's get started!

1. Sunburst Granny Square: This type of square has been one my favorites for several years. For printable…

{Raising #Bilingual Children} Documenting Bilingual Life - Day 1

I'm going to call this post, Day 1, although I have been raising my children bilingually since they were born. If I may say so, since they were in the womb. I simply started by just talking to them in my first language, Spanish. 

While my husband and I were engaged we were in complete agreement that we needed to raise our future children bilingually for a variety of reasons. First off, because we wanted them to be able to communicate with my family in Chile, to have good job opportunities, and so that we can share our background culture with them. 

I'd say this has been quite the journey. A journey I couldn't have told you how we were going to accomplish our goal exactly. But one in which our hearts and minds were set on it. To me, that was the first and foremost step. The conviction and the commitment for passing on a language and culture. 

Initially, we used the  one language - one parent methodology. My husband spoke English to our only child (back then) and I'd speak …