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Fabric Shopping - Updated

I also got some fabric to make a nursing cover! :) Yay for breastfeeding and for a nice cover to feel comfortable and not exposed.
I forgot to get one material for it, however, the boning. What does that mean? *Grinning as I type this* will get to back to the store!
The next step will be to wash all my fabric and iron it. Then I'll be able to get started.
The most important thing is that I got the fabric I needed for my projects.

~Happy sewing!

Going Fabric shopping tonight!

I remember when I was a little girl and my Grandmother and I often stopped by the fabric store right downtown Santiago. It was so boring to me at the time :( Just to look at those piles of fabric and not understanding anything. My Grandmother sure loved it though.  She liked to see the different patterns, textures, and colors. How I wish she could join me today. Maybe the Lord will let her see from Heaven ?

Now that I'm older (yeah, i get called Ma'am ALL the time now!) I enjoy taking a trip to Jo Ann's to look at their fabrics. Tonight I'll be looking for flannel with boy colors. I have to remind myself that I am looking for boy stuff, jeje. I still find girl patterns much nicer than boys, but I'm sure i'll find something. 
Projects to accomplish:  Burp ClothsReceiving Blankets 

The hubby will be off from work this weekend, so I really hope to accomplish at least one of the projects this weekend! 
Now onto practicing some stitches! 
Have a nice Friday and a restful…

Hot Dogs - Chilean Style

x The first recipe in our blog features one of the easiest meals one could make and most definitely a family favorite. The reason? This food is typical of Chile (in South America) where both my husband and I grew up. There are many cafes, restaurants, street kiosks where you can get a completo. Even McDonald's makes it down there.


hot dog bun hot dog(sauerkraut)avocado  tomatoes mayonnaisemustardketchup*Note: the ingredients have been listed in the order we make them at home. 
Ways to get the most of your completo:  Eat it with a very cold Coca-ColaHeat the bun in the oven (not the microwave). Ideally, the bun will be warm and toasty. It helps bring the full flavor of the bread and the other ingredients. Use fresh tomatoes - there is nothing like enjoying fresh vegetables! Have as many napkins or dish towels available to clean your hands as you eat. Be ready to eat more than one! Preparation
Pre-heat the oven - I usually set it at 200 degrees while I get everything else …