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How to Crochet Tea Bag Holder Pouch

I've become a tea drinker, yep. In Chile, I used to sit down with my Grandma to talk and so many times I ended up drinking her tea. I always thought hers tasted so much better than mine. Then I went through a coffee phase which lasted several years. Now I am a tea drinker again. Herb tea are some of my favorites because of their healthy value.  

I have made this crochet tea bag holder / pouch to keep my tea in place in my purse. Ya know, I carry toys and papers that is soooo easy to misplace my tea. BUT now that is not happening anymore. Bravo, me. Now my tea is in one place ready to pull it out. 

The holder is big enough that allows for several tea bags in it. 

Tea anyone? 

ps: Thanks, Mom, for the super cute owl mug you got me last year. My daughter and I take turns using it because she likes it so much, too. 

Here's my tutorial for the crochet tea bag holder / pouch. 


Cotton Yarn - Lily Sugar 'n Cream (this pack comes with so many different colors!!!)
Clover Crochet Ho…

Read Aloud: Stuart Little and How to Promote Language and Retelling Skills

We start out our mornings with Reading Time right after breakfast on most mornings, except weekends when we have a more flexible schedule.  I use this time to build their reading comprehension skills in Spanish. As I read, my 2 year old likes to repeat short phrases that I read.  My 4 year old asks questions regarding meaning of certain words.

For the past few weeks, we have been reading Stuart Little by E.B. White. Some mornings we do coloring sheets, other times we talk about the story, and other times we use objects to retell the story.
This is the first chapter book I am reading to my children ages 4 and 2 (soon to be 5 and 3). If there are some complex words, I explain the meaning as we read. I do ask a lot of questions as we read to check for understanding. I also ask them a lot "What do you think is going to happen?" kind of questions.

So far their favorite chapter has been Stuart Little's adventure searching for his Mom's ring.

Today we read about Stuart Litt…

BBQ chicken with bacon pizza

It's no secret that my husband's favorite food is pizza. I've always liked pizza too, but I like it so much more now, especially because he likes to make his own at home. Yum, homemade pizza. We get to choose our sauce and the kind of toppings and combinations we want. Sometimes we try something we've had before at Papa John's or Marco's Pizza, other times we venture out and try new combinations. 
Our latest pizza, barbecue chicken with bacon was a hit! Our kids loved it too.  

My husband made it in the cast iron skillet. It kept the dough nicely shaped and the ingredients contained. 

Add the sauce and the toppings and voilĂ ! 

The kids, my husband, and I loved it so much!  

We've also made Pepperoni Pizza, a real-classic we love. 

We want to try making a gluten free dough next time. We're thinking about using Craftsy's FREE Class on how to prepare gluten free dough.  I've heard it's really good and I can't wait to try it.  Sign up for a FREE P…

Folder Game Free Printable

Folder Games can be real life savers! I use them while I am cooking, quiet time, or for those times when I just need a little bit of quiet. 
Here are two different sets of memory games. One has cars in different colors and the second one has monkeys doing different actions. 
Cars: It can be used as a memory game, teaching color names in any language. 
Monkey: Memory game focusing on details. 
How to Download: 
Right click each image and choose "Save image as". Save it to your computer and print! 
***Steps*** Print on cardstock, paste onto a second cardstock to add a fun background color to your cards.  Laminate for durability at Staples, Office Max, etc.

Have fun! 
~ Fabi 

Crochet Whale Amigurumi Pattern Review

Amigurumis are the cutest addition to any nursery or play room. I was so happy my friend asked me to make an amigurumi for her! 
Crochet Whale Amigurumi Pattern Review

I bought this Whale Amigurumi pattern by SweetCarolyns to make a whale for a friend who was decorating her nursery with a whale theme. 
This Crochet Amigurumi pattern is very easy to follow, it works up really fast. You will need to sew on the fins and tail. You will also stuff it as you go.  The resulting whale measures close to 6 inches. 

See this post to find out what you will need to make an Amigurumi. 
You can purchase a copy of this amigurumi whale pattern here

Happy splashing!