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A little Update

We have a new baby boy on the way due July 11th. That said, I can tell you I've been sewing and crocheting for this baby like there's no tomorrow!  I've been to craft store more often than I should, finding lots of pretty baby fabrics to make different things he'll use.  I've been working on burp cloths, reusable wipes, baby blankets, baby hats, bibs, and stuffed animals.  Uff! These projects have kept me on my toes to the point that I don't know where the last 6 months have gone! My due date is right around the corner. :-) Yay! Although we have a name for the baby, we're still thinking it through and waiting in case we find another name that we like. By this point, both my other children were already named. My first daughter was named as soon as we knew we were expecting a baby. The second time, we waited until finding out the gender and then we chose a name. This time, well, we had a name but I guess we're still debating if it's the right name.