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Easiest and Twirliest Skirt Tutorial

I had picked out this adorable cupcake fabric for Christmas last year at Joann's, but I totally ran out of time to make anything with it. When December came again (2014), I just knew I couldn't have it sit around for another year.  So I quickly got out all my sewing notions (basically, my sewing plastic bin) and got ready to cut the fabric. 

When I first laid it on the table, I was nervous to cut it up. I mean, it had been MONTHS since I had sewn anything besides fixing my Husband's pants!!!   But I took courage, got the scissors, and off I went! 
I had one yard of fabric, so I just cut it in half. I find that using a lot of fabric is the secret to making the twirliest skirt.  You could use less, but I would recommend cutting fabric to adjust the length. Use the entire width of fabric you've got. I tend to buy a yard at a time and it works great!   
Materials and Notions Cost Breakdown:

Fabric ($6.99 regular price with 40% off coupon) = $4.20 Single Bias Tape (+$3 on Amazo…

Crochet Coffee Mug Cozy Tutorial

Once I get up and get the kids ready for their breakfast, I like to get my hot tea ready. It used to be coffee and someday I will be drinking coffee again...oh how I miss it! But for now, this is a season that calls for hot tea. <3
My mug, one of my favorite ones, is lime green, which to me represents peace, calming, soothing. I got it a few years ago while I still lived in Michigan at a whole foods type of store.  
Thought it needed a bit of dressing up, plus I was in deep need to learn a new stitch. So put the two things together and resulted in a new mug cozy.  Today I am sharing with you how I made it, the free pattern and instructions on how I made mine. Hope you enjoy it and make your own too!  Remember to pin it to Pinterest so you can find later too.
Let's get started!

Yarn: Cotton Yarn - I Love This Cotton by Hobby Lobby in taupe color. Hook: Size G Clover hook Button Yarn needle
Start off by measuring your mug's circumference. Subtract 2-3 inches to allow …

Six Pointed Garland

Make a crochet star garland in three rounds using this pattern by Anabelia.  

Yarn: SMC Catania Fine

Hook: 1, 9 mm