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Crochet Lingo

Do you frequent crochet groups on Facebook (FB) as much as I do? Let me tell you that when I first started seeing others’ projects and the many questions and comments that came up based on one picture had me going “HUH?” Why, yes, the main reason is that crocheters share a unique language, just like any other expertise. Now that I have learned what most of them mean, I compiled a list to share here with you also available in PDF format so you can keep a copy handy with your patterns.

FOTH- Fresh off the hook 
LYS- Local yarn store
TIA- Thanks in advance
WIP- Work in progress
UFO- Unfinished object
FO- Finished object
BYB- Best yarn buddy
FROG – Take piece apart
TOAD- Tossed out abandoned in disgust
Another BIG topic over on FB groups has to do with the famous C2C. Do you know what that is? C2C- Corner to corner

There are other abbreviations that are mostly used when reading a crochet pattern. MC – Main Color
CC – Contrasting Color
YO – Yarn Over
BL – Back Loop
FL – Front Loop

The beauty of th…

5 minute prep file folder game

This morning, while I had 5 minutes free in the kitchen, I grabbed my weekly ad from Publix. I began looking at it and thinking that I needed to make an activity for my 3 year old who has been trying to make sense between fruits and vegetables lately.
Years ago, I had my then 3 year old daughter, cut and paste different fruits and vegetables into the right column.So I went with that idea and applied it to a file folder game. This way, my son could use it more than one time and it will allow us to continue to add more fruits and vegetables that we will be finding in the ad depending on what’s on sale and in season.
Materials: Grocery Store Ad Scissors File Folder Envelope (to store the cut out pieces) Paper Marker
Cut out all the fruits and vegetables OR have an older child do it. Whichever works best for you. I did it myself since I needed this activity quickly.Ask “what fruits and vegetables do you like?”
Also, based on the pictures you have available, discuss how fruits and vegetable…

Dual Language Days of the Week Printable

Hi Fellow Teachers, Homeschoolers, and Language Learners! Below is a printable you can use for your classrooms, homework folder, or calendar wall at home or school. All you have to do is get the pdf file through my teachers pay teachers store
I made the days of the week earlier this year by hand for my kiddos, but my handwriting is a bit too small for them to see it from the table. So I just knew it was time to make an improved set that would be visible to them at all times. 
How do I use it? 
1. Sing the song 'Days of the Week' to the tune of the Addam's Family theme song in English. Here's a good video through YouTube.  Right after, we sing the song in Spanish
2. This is when I introduce vocabulary such as "today - hoy", "yesterday - ayer" and "tomorrow, maƱana". I use hand motions to teach the concepts. For example: 

today - point fingers down yesterday - use thumbs above shoulders which will indicate something's already happened. to…