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Chevron Blanket and Embroidery Hoop

This chevron, ripple blanket was a joy to make.  It makes think of spring, flowers, hearts, and all things colorful and pretty. 

I went to Michael's to get their Loops & Threads' Snuggly Wuggly yarn. This yarn is a soft, sports weight yarn.  

Five colors were used to complete the blanket to coordinate a customized embroidery hoop with the little girl's name. 

light blue (7 rows)light grey (5 rows) green       (10 rows)light pink   (12 rows)hot pink     (15 rows)

Repeat the first three colors to give it a mirror image.  

The blanket measures 34in long (86.36cm) x 26in wide (66cm).

Handmade Valentine's Day Ideas: Crafts and Food for everyone

We got into the Valentine's Day spirit with ahearts banner.Did you see it?
6 days until Valentine's Day!
Have you bought a card?
Have you gotten a present ready for your other half?
Do you have a special menu planned?

I've browsed through the store several times for the last month looking for a card. I can be quite indecisive when it comes to getting a card. Ya know, I like the message of the front, but the message from a second one, and the design and colors of another. Oh wait! but another one has a ribbon or glitter, or other elements that I find quite unique and beautiful.
This Saturday afternoon we have some rather cold weather for Florida. It's grey, foggy, cool, rainy...and pretty much gloomy out.  Totally not my kind of weather, but as my kids are currently napping, I'm able to dive to into Pinterest, Google, and basically all over the internet to find things that are inspiring for Valentine's Day.
I want to doone or twoprojects I've seen...nah! ALL of the…