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Lentil Soup on a Cold Day

The weather has been so cold (38F or 3C) this week and even colder all over the country that the only thing I really feel like making issoupto warm us up.   Approaching the table to a warm bowl of soup just makes my heart happy! Plus it just reminds me of Chile. We eat a lot of soup there. 

Today I am sharing my Lentil Soup recipe for making a soup that iscomforting and high in protein, fiber, folate, vitamin B1, iron, and other minerals.   

Facts about lentils:

very healthy food! it goes well with most vegetables!inexpensive!taste even better on the second day! 

Recently I learned that I can use my rice cooker to cook legumes (beans, lentils, garbanzos, etc). It's been a time saver!!! I no longer have to stand in the kitchen stirring the legumes so they don't stick to the bottom.  No one wants to eat burned food!!!!   

This is the rice cooker I use, it's a great size for my family, and it really just works great!!! I highly recommend it:  (affiliate link)

Lentil Soup 

Crochet Heart Hat

This hat to me is a work of a art because it combines a few techniques, which are great for when you are ready to take your crocheting skills to the next level! With this pattern you will be able to read a crochet chart, use the standing double crochet, how to switch colors, and how to strand yarn from the wrong side of the hat. 
I love the result, My Hobby is Crochet, has produced in this hat! It's so lovely! Get the free patternhere.  
This pattern usesCaron Simply Soft yarnand a size5.00 mmcrochet hook. 


Crochet Heart Purse

Crochet this beautiful purse that uses the heart stitch. Make it in your favorite colors for yourself or to gift for someone very special.  This purse is sure to warm someone's heart. 
To make this purse you will need: Sports weightcrochet yarn, hook 3.00mm and 3.5mm.

This pattern is available through here.


Crochet Cuffed Booties

made this crochet booties using worsted weight yarn and a size H hook. It took me about two hours to make. The pattern was fairly easy to follow with clear instructions.  It can be made in a solid color or in two like in the picture. Personally, I think two colors look super cute. 
Thanks to Repeat CrafterMe for the free pattern! Here is the link to it. Clickhere.  

Crochet Hearts

These are two simple hearts, stitched together and decorated with a flower. It looks so lovely! Perfect to hang from a window.  To see more of Dada's Place pictures, clickhere. To get the tutorial to make this heart, clickhere

Daisy in Granny Heart

Give flowers for Valentine's Day this year using this free pattern to make aDaisy in a Granny Heart. It uses cotton yarn and a size H hook.  
Find this yarn atCraftsy

Make a New Poncho

Make yourself a poncho to sport to work, outings, etc. Let everyone know you crochet by wearing something made by you! This Poncho Wrap is a free pattern that uses worsted weight yarn and a J hook.  You probably have everything you need at home to make one! Find the patternhere

How to Crochet Hearts

I love the drawing hearts, but more so I love making hearts. This is such a simple pattern to follow that will allow you to make a crochet heart in just a few steps. Use it to accessorize your hats, scarves, bags, blankets, etc.  Find the free pattern at this site
This post contains affiliate link(s). I may or may not receive compensation for it. 
This pattern uses Vanna's Choice Worsted Weight Yarn (Craftsy) and a size H hook (Amazon)


Crochet Boot Cuffs - Free Pattern

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! 

As much as I love summer, I am pretty much always ready for the cooler evenings that come with Fall. The crisp air, the leaves falling down from trees while on a picnic, a stroll around the park...everything is just perfect to get out the boots and dress them up with comfortable crochet boot cuffs. 

This has been one of my most favorite patterns thus far. I especially like this pattern because of the ridges that add so much texture, plus it makes the cuff fit snuggly around the leg. It also adds extra warmth. 

Materials to Crochet Boot Cuffs 
Vanna's Choice has some of the best yarn, very affordable, wears well, lasts long, feels good, and looks good!!!!  You could make several pairs of boot cuffs using Vanna's Choice. Great option for Christmas gifts!!! 
Available at craft stores, Amazon has some of the best prices and stock in colors! 

Lion Brand Yarn 860-153 Vanna's Choice Yarn,Lion Brand Yarn 861-171E Vanna'…

Apple with Kale Smoothie

Over Christmas all my kids were terribly sick with a barky cough, runny nose, and fever. Poor kids. I felt so bad for them!!! They really wanted to just enjoy Christmas, while one of them told me "I didn't know people could get sick when it's Christmas." Bless their hearts.

Finally this week, everyone has been feeling better and no one is coughing anymore. Yay!!! But I started to feel achy with a sore throat and an ear ache right at the beginning of the week.  Knowing that we have some special events coming up this weekend, I just knew I could not afford to get sick. So, because I believe in vitamins and healthy and clean eating I took it to my smoothies to help me feel better. That's right.

First of all, I avoided all dairy (milk), because there are many studies and my personal experience have shown me that whenever I start to feel a bit sick, congested with a sore throat, milk actually makes it worse. So for breakfast that first day I had an Apple with Kale Smoot…

Banana Avocado Smoothies - Smoothie de Platano con Palta

For over a year I have been venturing into smoothies off and on. It's been a fantastic experience so far, because it has gotten my children to eat more vegetables and eat a wider variety of fruits than they ever did in the past. 

Por mas de un año he estado preprando smoothies para mi familia. Ha sido toda una aventura porque ha ayudado a que mis hijos ahora coman muchos mas vegetales y consuman mucha mas fruta que antes.

Lately, we have been making smoothies 3-4 times a week and my kids are sometimes the ones to request we make it! They help getting the ingredients out of the fridge as well as also suggesting new food combinations.  I especially enjoy making the smoothies because it gives something we can 'cook' together quickly and also because we discuss the vitamin and mineral benefits found in different foods. 

Ultimamente he estado preparando a lo menos 3-4 smoothies a la semana y muchas veces son mis hijos quienes piden que hagamos uno. Ellos me ayudan a buscar los in…