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Sorting and Classifying for Preschoolers

Working with Foam Shapes
Classifying & Sorting

(Pre-School Math; Language Skills)
Classifying and sorting is an everyday skill that most adults have mastered as we have practiced it our entire lives. Most of us began to acquire this skill when our parents told us to put the toys away for the first time. Sounds like a simple starting point, right? This is because most of us put our own office supplies away in an orderly manner according to their purpose without giving it a second thought. To a child, however, to put their toys away can honestly seem like a major task. Why, you may wonder. The answer is quite simple. There are so many toys that it may be overwhelming having to figure out where to put them, especially at a young age when they yet have to learn about this skill.
This is the main reason I tell my daughter (3 yrs) where to put the toys away. For example: put the animals away in their basket, put the blocks away in their bag, and so on. She is learning to classify and sor…

Ruffled Shirt Tutorial

January was a busy month for us. We celebrated my daughter's THIRD birthday (seriously, where does time go??).  For more details on her birthday party go here.

Currently, her favorite color is purple: Purple toys, purple utensils, purple hat, purple know. If it's not purple, it's not hers.

I might as well paint the apartment purple and she would love it.

Her birthday outfit consisted of ruffled pants with a ruffled shirt.  For the ruffled pants I used a pattern a friend got for me online. It was very easy to follow, yay!  The shirt, on the other hand, was my own creation.

Here's what I did.

I used a plain white long-sleeve shirt (size 2T) we found at Target and turned it into a beautiful ruffled shirt for my little girl. 


1. Cut two strips of purple fabric.

First strip measures: 37`` x 6``Second strip measures: 30`` x 5``2. Fold both strips in half (right sides together) and press. Doing this step will give you hem free ruffles!   3. Finish the seam on one of …